Essential Lighting Practices for Real Estate Security

1. Illuminate Entryways

You might find it surprising, but most thieves simply try the front door before resorting to more complicated means of gaining access. It makes sense; more complex maneuvers increase the risk of getting caught. Many miscreants take advantage of people’s natural urge to be helpful, approaching with full hands to trick the unsuspecting into holding the entrance open for them. If a late-leaving employee can’t identify this individual thanks to dark shadows, they could fall prey.

2. Light Up Late-Night Parking

Carjacking can occur in 15 to 20 seconds, leaving your late-working employee stranded in your parking lot — or worse. Awareness is the best way to prevent such incidents, but your staff members can’t watch out for would-be criminals if they can’t see them.

3. Highlight Landscaping

You’ve undoubtedly heard tales of thieves hiding in bushes, waiting to accost the unsuspecting passerby. Criminals may use this trick on your property, too, particularly after hours. The problem is particularly dire in apartment complexes where the purpose of entry isn’t theft but perpetrating physical harm against the occupants.

4. Go Green With LEDs

If you haven’t upgraded from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, you should prioritize doing so the next time you perform bulb maintenance. According to the Department of Energy, these devices use 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than older models. Making this simple exchange can result in considerable savings each month — the larger your building, the more you keep in your pocket.

5. Embrace Automation

If you own a business, you might trust your staff to turn on and off the lights at appropriate times. However, it’s one more thing to remember and an extra worry you can do without. Instead, embrace automation.

6. Designate Escape Routes

You may not want to think about a fire, flood, or even a power outage disrupting daily operations on your property, however, emergencies happen. Safety standards demand that you provide a well-lit escape route so your occupants can evacuate when necessary.

Essential Lighting Practices for Real Estate Security

As a property owner, you have a duty of care toward your occupants to make sound decisions that protect their onsite safety. Part of creating a healthy environment is to provide adequate lighting.



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